#TravelTales – A New Adventure Opens (Europe)

EUROPE!! The continent with so many places to visit that it can leave one astounded. And that is EXACTLY where we were headed!!

My sister and I headed for an EPIC trip for 34 days to 4 countries. We explored, broke boundaries and discovered so much more than we had expected!

We learned how to navigate and travel on our own, manage money and have a good time while at it. We explored so many places, took walks just because we felt like it. There was complete flexibility and we left each place feeling connected and satisfied with our journey.

Travelling with my sister was so much more than I expected. This trip was a truckload of memories which I will cherish my whole life. It has increased my hunger for travel and exploring the world. But along with discovering how beautiful Europe was, I was reminded of how nice life was back for me in India and how much I loved my country. This trip reinforced my love for my country and I was proud to be a representative.

travel 2

Our Itinerary was

Brussels – 3 nights

Berlin – 9 nights

Prague – 6 nights

Vienna – 6 nights

Munich – 8 nights

We even managed to visit Salzburg during our stay in Munich.

We explored different cities at leisure and got a chance to feel the vibes of the city. Slow travel is definitely the way to be. I mean anyone can explore a city in a day or two and say they saw it, tick it off their bucket list. But when you are there, after having spent a ton of money, take some time out, relax. Discover things beyond what the tour guides tell you. Eat local. Stay with locals. Make friends and share stories.

This trip was all of that and so much more. It hasn’t managed to whet my appetite for discovering Europe and my curiosity to explore Eastern Europe has deepened with this visit.

More travel tales definitely coming up. There is a lot to share and a lot to write!!

Happy Times Ahead!