To Die or DieT

It is often said that the situations you encounter in life are those which you can handle. Life always throws you a curve ball which you’re able to handle, or maybe learn from.

I faced one of these personal life changing moments last week, precisely last saturday when I had to get a blood test done. I’ve always been scared of getting “pricked” as I call it. I’ve been told countless times that a blood test is not a BIG DEAL. Just get it over with. But for someonr who is mortified, having been there and overcoming it somehow gave me a little bit of confidence that maybe I could handle the next curveball.

One thing which is definitive of our society and all of us is the deep urge to be thin and look pretty. Somewhere down the line we let our waist size come in our way of defining beauty . And this, was precisely the curve ball coming my way.

Staying fit is not an alternative anymore. It is necessary, crucial and even life saving. How do you approach it but? You can either

– starve

– join a Gym

– Go to a Dietician

– Train for a Marathon

The last one is a sure shot way of changing your perspective of your body. I’ve realised seeing it very closely amongst people I know and love. The transformation that takes place when you elevate your body on a pedestal and put it to the ultimate test. And I want a taste of it too. I want to run my marathons too.

The dilemma that faces me is the dietician. To do or not to do. To die or DieT in my words. What is a diet and why would you willingly torture yourself into starvation? No I hear. Dieticians give you healthier options. They make sure you are never hungry. You have to stick to a plan and follow it through. Maybe a few random misses allowed.

But is this what I really truly want to get to the goal of a leaner body? And maybe a lot fitter too? The role of exercise is indisputable and yet the focus is so much on food. I believe if people exercised or rather trained for a marathon, everyone would be so fit because of the enormity of the goal, you just don’t become lax.

I’m sceptical. What can the dietician do which my mother’s cooking of healthy food which I happen to love, can’t? I have cravings for food. I also keep thinking I’d eat, in moderation because if I died I wouldn’t want to have dieted and died by starving off what I felt like eating when I felt like eating.

So then here I am faced with a choice. Not a choice so much as an experiment. Does it come down to the point where I die or dieT? Will eating a million times a day help oor will drinking all sorts of fancy concoctions do the wonders? Will it show results And how soon? Will I spend this entire year clasped in a plan and not move beyond?

What is it finally then?

Am I really charting my way to a certain glutton filled death or am I being salvaged by my dieT?