A Bucket List of Gifts

Umm I’m not a very “gifted” person…I’ve never been gifted with a lot of boxes wrapped with shiny paper and ribbon..i don’t recollect acting like Santa Claus to anyone either.


But I’ve come to realise how Life comes to giving you a subtle reminder through its gifts at some point. It does really strike you then about how very well ‘gifted’ you’ve been by Life.

There have been moments when I’ve been in utter despair, in dark hollows when People have given me a Reason to Smile. Their belief in me has given me the strength to go on!!

A special mention in a word of thanks, an extra 5 minute snooze, a feeling of being taken care of, beautiful soulful music, the soft colours of a sunset, the warmth of a loved one right beside you, unstinted support just when you need it, a good comment on a write-up of mine, a dance in the rain, a cheer at my work, a hug for just being there!! 

I would have been oblivious to these if I’d not have learnt to ‘Stop and Pause’. When I see how many such gifts I have, indeed I’ve had a rather attentive ‘Santa Claus’ in the form of Life.

Just slow down and watch from a distance, life expresses through subtle ways, these gifts are the best amongst all!!!

Manki (finally!!!)- Respite for the Travellers Part 3

Location:: After Honavar and Idgunji. Close to the coast. Beach close by.

The karnatak hinterland is filled with small rivulets and tributaries which are breathtakingly unspoilt by civilisation. Beautiful!! All around you, there are fields, coconut trees and lot of greenery for the summer. There are lot of boats in the rivers which made me want to chuck the drive and just laze around on one of them.

My father’s college friend stays in Manki and their place was awesome. The bungalow is so large and spacious. (P.S I loved the Asian Paint wall :D). Wow it felt so good to relax after a long drive through the interiors of Karnatak. The jackfruit tree was awesome i’ve never seen jackfruits hang so low that you could pick them at ease.

Here at Manki, in the following week, we did all of those things that we could never do in Mumbai, ate all those tasty dishes we could never get and saw amazing sites, not to mention re-establishing connection with our roots.

Day1 at Manki: Arrival
The first day we arrived was mostly spent in relaxation. We also went up a hill and saw the breathtaking view of Manki beach which stretched for 8 kms from Manki to Murudeshwar. Pure white, powder!! Sheer delight. Also we went cashew picking. There are so many cashew trees growing in the laterite and fortunately there were some cashews which we could pluck. We also had a delightful photo session up in the hills. That was followed up by a visit to the Chikarmane family deity and met the bhatmam, who incidentally happens to be the most proactive and energetic bhatmam i have ever met.

Discovery: Kids in small villages have the most brightest eyes you can ever find. 🙂

We had a nice quiet evening at the beach. We also met fishermen who were sorting their nets in preparation of the next day. The sand at Manki beach was pristine, white and soft.

Next Episode:Chronicles of Manki and Discovery of our roots
the wonderful view

Village Yatra-The road traveller speaks-Part 2

5th April 2010: Glimpse of Karnatak Hinterland
A stark contrast from the dry landscape in Maharashtra, Karnatak had a little more variety for us. For starters the soil here is red so the trees were reddish which made good seeing. The road we took to visit my grandmother’s village, Ankola was a one lane road but well done. There were many trees on either side of the road many a times forming a canopy which made the “scene-scenery” pleasant.
 There was a spot where we saw a pond with Purple and white Lotus. Its a wonder how Lotus blooms especially in ponds with slush and mud. I remember a childhood visit to a village called Bankikodal where our driver was stuck in a quicksand like mud trying to get a Lotus for us :O
This area is known for Quarrying. If you chance to drive down you’ll see large trucks with huge boulders . When we took the State Highway to go to Ankola, We were warned about trucks and to be careful while driving so we remained alert. It struck me how difficult a job of a truck driver was, driving on all winding roads. Its also scary sometimes. To think truck drivers also drive through the night trying to make speedier deliveries!! Kudos to my dad for driving through it all

Fun facts: Trees in Uttar Kanara shed their leaves in summer so sometimes it looks like you’re on a haunted road.

What happened next was totally whacky. About a hundred trucks had jammed the road some 15 kms off Ankola and we didnt know any other alternative routes. We were in a soup. (=Its the IDEAL FILM situation. The protagonist is stuck with no way to reach the destination. The audience is getting desperate. Whats going to happen!!! *Breathe Breathe* )

We asked some guy to help us. He said he would and to follow him but guess what!! He drove away before we could catch up with him. I was all excited. This was fun and so totally adventurous. Not the ideal situation for my dad though!!
But then somebody driving this Swift comes us and asks “Are you lost?”. (totally filmy types) and agrees to help us. So we followed him through this road that went through this small village. it was a kaccha road and was bumpy but it was amazing. Villages are actually so pretty. Living in a small hutment must be so much fun 🙂
And we joined the highway a few kms after Ankola. And we were totally blessed because we reached the Mahamaya temple just in time for the Aarti 😀 i think some things are just meant to happen

A Whole New World
It was just divine actually that we reached in time for the Aarti. For my grandmother it was another world going back to the place where she grew up, she opened this door for us, showed us the village during her time. It wasn’t very difficult to imagine coz the village was pretty much the same. The roads were better and people lived in better houses but the house in which my grandmother grew up was intact and so was the well from which they drew water. It was so touching to see her re-visit all of this.
We also visited another temple called Shantadurga which unfortunately was closed. There we met a bhatmam (=priest) who was my grand-uncle’s classmate and the old priest who was there during my grandmother’s time. And he still remembered her!!! Another priest specially opened the temple for us and allowed us to photograph.

Discoveries:: Cows climb on rocks, house porches and steps to get food to eat. Although scary at first, cows are really cute and understand what you say to them.

Destination:: Manki
the car who led us thru the villagethe pretty devi at the ShantaDurga temple.


Road Trip-Excerpts from the traveller-Part 1

A road trip was always something on the cards for the family as we had not travelled for the past one year. But nobody had bargained for what we got, a 2500 km drive across 2 huge states and more than 1000 villages, our first kannada lessons, seeing a friendship forge from bloggerspace and meeting many,many people who we’d totally forgotten about as well as discovering immaculate and unspoilt beauty!!

4th April 2010 6:15 AM
We’re finally loaded up with lots of baggage(who knows what we’ll need for a road trip) including 5 saplings (which travelled about 900 kms with us). The air is fraught with excitement for after all those weeks of planning and anticipation we were finally off. Not to mention in a swank,sleek,very Bond like-Black Honda Civic!!! 🙂
Having travelled to Panchgani before by road, I already knew th expressway and the road upto Satara so it wasn’t much of a surprise. During the drive the beauty of the hills and the ingenuity and brilliance of the people who built the expressway kept striking me. Since my dad is the only one who can drive we all had to keep him occupied with our banter.

4th April : Lunch Hotel Sai Palace International-NH-4, Kolhapur
Our second halt for the day for lunch. The temperature ws soaring outside and the landscape uniform-Very Sleep Inducing. Plus the road- straight ahead and traffic less. And us full on oily punjabi food. Time for zzz

4th April Evening: Cross over to Karnataka at Nipani
All those places we had earlier read only in textbooks were in front of us now. Belgaum,Dharwad,Satara,Nipani.
Karnataka is totally different from Maharashtra i mean the landscape in maharashtra is dry with trees having pointy leaves and typically shrub vegetaion. Uttar Kanara or North Karnatak as it is known, has red soil, vastly differing rock patterns and perpetual greenery around despite the sweltering heat.
Our night was spent at this town called Hubli now re-christened Hubbaali.

Name of Hotel: Hotel Swathi
Location: Prime. Near Main Market. Easy Accessibility
Food: Pure Ghee but delicious. The right thing for a tired road traveller.

We were so tired having driven about 600 kms that we decided to just roam about in the perimeter of the hotel. We viisted a temple where our P.P.Swamiji comes during shivratri and also met some very nice people and tasted home-made kokum sherbet for the first time. I also saw a daschund for the first time. We chatted about the Fairs that happen in the Hubbali temple. Papa discussed ecomonic conditions in Karnataka especially the Mining. We played with their dog Rosy.

The Hubbali flower market is amazing!! Beats Dadar (W) by miles!! I’m a total flower enthusiast i go mad when i see flowers so this was ecstasy.
The town is sleepy as is the characteristic of most towns and cities in the south. Life is simple and you slowly start to unwind and relax to the tunes of the place unlike the fast paced life of the city. For a first, we all slept at 9:30 a thing we haven’t done for ages!! 

A useful hint : Policemen are the best to ask for directions!!

Day 2-5th April
Morning: Lunch-Dinner-Snacks in a South Indian restaurant is essentially the same: Sada Dosa,Masala Dosa,Set Dosa (which means 3 dosas with a different curry),Kharabhat(=upma),Kesaribhat(=pineapple sheera) so you have to choose among the same everywhere

Departure time: 8:30

Destination: Ankola then Manki (all on the karnatak coast btw)
Our toy penguin-a constant companion and a very good pillow i must admit 😉


the road ahead 😉

the brilliant sky ..credit to my sis

A Good Way to Spend Some Time

I’m a true blue student of Finance.  I’ve read a lot of articles about TIME and i was wondering how I could give my take differently.

So I decided to look at TIME as a COMPANY (=Well i am pursuing my Chartered Accountancy Course!! I spend the whole day doing precisely this 😛 :P)

Unknowingly TIME is always on our mind. We wake up in the morning to a reminder about TIME and spend the whole day Juggling It. We have to run against time to make it to our workplaces, college, school and back home to prepare for the same routine the next day.

I suppose if TIME was a company, it would be the Biggest in the World. Also it would be a MONOPOLY. (=I mean who else deals in TIME…its not like you walk on the road and see Time Turners or DeLoreans Back to the Future Style)

I’ve written this considering TIME as a Company that YOU could invest in.

TIME, the biggest enterprise worldwide, is one that shows no signs of abating. Its growth is charted in boardrooms world over, discussed and cribbed about. It has its presence in every life existing on the planet. (=Right that includes the sparrow that came to your window today and those sea creatures you saw on Animal Planet)

Its billions and trillions of shares called “Moments” attract one and all to itself. All of us are reasonably well endowed with resources so we’re always investing at some point or the other in various Moments of Time.

The sheer volume of the shares or Moments being transacted in daily would confound even the biggest exchanges in the World.


Returns!! Thats what every investor looks for right??  Time rewards those who invest in it early. Delays don’t really yield much. Many moments give us extremely good returns in the form of Good Memories.

Sometimes TIME gets back at us Taxing us during some Bad Moments.

The bottomline is proper investing does give a good return.

TIME will never run out of customers. TIME has this universal application in every person’s life. What i mean is, if adequate Time is given, it solves problems.

Time trades in an extremely volatile market, reaping rich rewards for early birds.

BUT a word of caution!! Time is very cunning. Dealing with this company you will encounter extreme risk and volatility.

And there!! Would you look at the TIME ;). Time has made fools of us again!!

Hello world!

A lot of convincings…A long wait for the perfect name..And finally my blog is here. Hello World!!! 

Wow.. I thought blogging would be something BIG (=Well it is….I’m going to celebrate this evening!!!) & Difficult….When the only difficult part was the Hunt for the Perfect Name 😉

This is My Collection of Thoughts, Experiences and Notes!!

World, I have Arrived!!! 😀