Manki (finally!!!)- Respite for the Travellers Part 3

Location:: After Honavar and Idgunji. Close to the coast. Beach close by.

The karnatak hinterland is filled with small rivulets and tributaries which are breathtakingly unspoilt by civilisation. Beautiful!! All around you, there are fields, coconut trees and lot of greenery for the summer. There are lot of boats in the rivers which made me want to chuck the drive and just laze around on one of them.

My father’s college friend stays in Manki and their place was awesome. The bungalow is so large and spacious. (P.S I loved the Asian Paint wall :D). Wow it felt so good to relax after a long drive through the interiors of Karnatak. The jackfruit tree was awesome i’ve never seen jackfruits hang so low that you could pick them at ease.

Here at Manki, in the following week, we did all of those things that we could never do in Mumbai, ate all those tasty dishes we could never get and saw amazing sites, not to mention re-establishing connection with our roots.

Day1 at Manki: Arrival
The first day we arrived was mostly spent in relaxation. We also went up a hill and saw the breathtaking view of Manki beach which stretched for 8 kms from Manki to Murudeshwar. Pure white, powder!! Sheer delight. Also we went cashew picking. There are so many cashew trees growing in the laterite and fortunately there were some cashews which we could pluck. We also had a delightful photo session up in the hills. That was followed up by a visit to the Chikarmane family deity and met the bhatmam, who incidentally happens to be the most proactive and energetic bhatmam i have ever met.

Discovery: Kids in small villages have the most brightest eyes you can ever find. 🙂

We had a nice quiet evening at the beach. We also met fishermen who were sorting their nets in preparation of the next day. The sand at Manki beach was pristine, white and soft.

Next Episode:Chronicles of Manki and Discovery of our roots
the wonderful view