6 People You NEED to say I LOVE YOU To ASAP

A Beautiful Photograph by Copyleft Abhiraj. Like his Page on Facebook to show your appreciation for the photo
A Beautiful Photograph by Copyleft Abhiraj. Like his Page on Facebook to show your appreciation for the photo


Over the last week, I have had a ton of stressful things happen and have had a big U Turn on my outlook for life. Needless to say, I realised we take life for granted and with everything that keeps us occupied these days, we forget to say so many things to the people we love. And when the chance comes to say, it never should happen to be too late to say a kind or loving word.

One of the posts I had read over the years is a story of a man, his grandmother and grandfather. The crux of the story is what the grandfather tells his grandson. “It is Always Easy to be CLEVER. Everyone can be clever. Be KIND.”

This, combined with the gravity of the situation that I am wrapped in, made me simply realise how much we denied our love for people. We’re always finding something or the other to hide behind, rather than melt in those feelings and share some quality time with our loved ones. Work, studies and everything seems to suddenly come in between birthdays, friendships, celebrations, traditions, festivals. And somehow, people and time don’t stay the same. We lose touch and find ourselves alone.

The solution? A simple I Love You. It helps to mend bridges, make friends and maintain the relations we’re in! Those 3 words are certainly the words that you need to hear after a tough day. Say it before you regret not having said it. Say it because you’ve always wanted to say it. Forget that image you need to keep or that silly fight you had or that disagreement. Maybe they have become slow with age and annoy you. Maybe you feel you don’t have time for them.

But, say it. Say it enough. There can never be a right time. There can never be a right moment. No date you can mark on your calendar. Just say it!

Here are 5 People You Need to say I LOVE YOU to As Soon As Possible


1. Your Mother

Yes she helps you around, pushes you towards all your commitments and helps out with projects. She stays up late at night simply to give you company when you’re swotting for an exam or to make sure you get your work done. She also makes you delicious drool-worthy food, everyday. There’s always your favorite goodies for your birthday or when you want to celebrate an occasion. She’s spent nights awake, when you’ve been ill. She’s the one who cries the most when you set out to explore the world and leave the nest. She’s the one who spends time hearing out your problems and always checks up on you once in a while, even if you forget.

Say I LOVE YOU to Mom (Mum, Mother, Mumma, Amma, Mami or anything you call her!!) today! Make her day!


2. Your Father

Your father can be your best friend. Or he can be the one you turn to when you need help planning something. He gives you those crucial life lessons because he’s been there and done that. He’s left so many of his dreams behind and laughed with you as you’ve grown up. He’s the rock behind your family and his influence always sets the way at how you look at the world and people. He works late nights and you don’t get time often, with him, but those holidays where you explore a hidden side to him you never knew. How about his wicked sense of humour you just recently discovered?

Say I LOVE YOU to Papa ( Father, Daddy, Dad, Papi,Abba, Baba or anything you call him!!) today!! Tell Papa you care!


3. Your Grandparents

They’ve given you goodies all your life. Whatever you’ve wanted, they’ve never said no. You can always expect a royal pampering when you meet them. Their sweaters kept you warm, that yummy food that granny made, always makes your mouth water. They’ve taken you to parks and laughed as you took your first step. They support you. You’re the apple of their eye. Maybe they are aging. They can’t see or remember as clearly as before. But you’re still that warm, fuzzy child they held in the hospital even after all these years. Time is of so much essence with your grandparents. Life will always go on but we live with a limited amount of time with the people who give us comfort that we carry through all our lives.

Say I LOVE YOU to Granny and Grandpa (Nana and Nani, Aaji and Ajoba or whatever you call them!!) today!! Visit them the next time you have a weekend off or just talk to them and involve them in your life. Hear those stories of their youth. Just do it!


4. Your Best Friend(s)

You’ve spent the best times of your life with him/her/them. All those good memories always make you laugh. They’ve supported you through thick and thin. They are the ones who know with one glance what is wrong with you. They’ve been to birthdays, celebrations and every other function you can think of. They’re the ones who make your life complete.

Life moves on and gets busy. You think of talking but then somehow you miss it. Don’t let those friends go!!

Say I LOVE YOU to them before life sweeps them away from you. Tell them that they matter!


5. Your Siblings and Cousins

They protect you from pain. They are the ones you talk to when you have any problems. You’ve always fought but they are the ones who know you and all your moods. Their light and frothy talk is what you need to cheer up. Secretly you feel like playing a prank on them or simply wrestling like when you were kids.

Say  I LOVE YOU to just show them you care!!!


Now I seem to have covered everything yet missed out on the most important one!


You matter. You. YOU’ve been your best friend for as long as you remember. When you’ve cried alone or been stressed alone, you’re the one who has supported yourself along the way. Your victorious heartbeat can silence any other sound on any given day. Isn’t it any wonder why we should say I Love You to ourselves first? We can lose ourselves anyday to any circumstance or situation. Life can snatch us anytime, without a prior warning. It never hurts to give your own self some love.

Say I Love You to YOU!!! Simply because You Deserve It. Simply because YOU EARNED IT!


To conclude, one of my favorite songs with really beautiful lyrics