Chronicles of Manki-The past we meet

6th/7th April 2010, Karnataka Hinterland, India
A meeting
I forgot to mention about the 6th of April. We were driving through the lanes of Honavar, buying some groceries. We had some hot dal-wada off the streets (i love street food!!). It never fails to amaze me, that even if the weather is hot outside and you’re in a car in the evening, something hot, just off the stove tastes amazing.
(L-R) Jackfruits hanging low, A Rail tunnel at Manki, The Chitrapur Math Logo
We met my grandfather’s relative with whom we chatted about the “good old days” and about our families. Its a tradition among households here to apply some haldi-kumkum when a guest leaves home. I’ve noticed that people who live in smaller towns or villages are so much more hospitable and warm as compared to people in cities.
The Chitrapur Math
The Chitrapur Math:
For non-amchis, Maths are places where religious events within the community happen. Our Swamis or Gurus reside at the Maths and often hold talks and meetings. It is also a place where the Samadhisof our Gurus lie as well as the family deity of many of the families who have now migrated to cities and larger towns.

First Destination: Chitrapur Math
There we had a special pooja of the Guru Samadhis and our family deity. We also had the ‘prasad bhojan’ (i love amchi food it tastes heavenly!!).
There have been a lot of changes in the Math in recent years and it is much more user friendly and spacious. We also saw the ‘goshala’ which is where they keep the cows. I have never seen such huge cows. and they were soo clean!!! Fascinating!!

His Holiness Sadyojat Swamiji with the cows
After a refreshing nap (its inevitable when the weather is unmerciful and you’re full with all that delicious food!!), we left to see the Museum.

Next Stop:The Museum

Well done up now, the museum is a collection of artifacts that our P.P Parignyanashram Swamiji had collected over his life, which ranged from stone sculptures to coins. There was also a write up about the item on display and my respect for His Holiness increased even further. All Visitors are recommended highly to see the museum.

Some of the items on display like the swords and different murtis made of brass were stunning in their beauty. we also saw a one line drawing made by a genuis. A one line drawing means that the artist as never broken the line but continued the entire picture using the same line. I was speechless.
There were also beautiful charcoal pictures on the ‘Rathotsava’

Followed By:Kembre Farm
This farm follows practices of organic farming and the preference for this type of farming was evident. Huge and i mean huge vegetables, flowers of different colours (i mean 3 different types of aboli?? are you kidding?? yellow, orange and the normal colour!!)
We also sat on tractors and saw a biogas plant. The size of vegetables!! Stupefied!!

Flowers at Kembre Farm

ORGANIC is Good 😀 😀

Vocabulary 😉 : A large stone beneath a tree is called ‘Katta’ and Mango tree means “Mavin” so when all the Mavins sat on a large stone, it was “Mavinkurve’s on the MavinKatta” 😀 lol

Agla Sthan: Bhatkal
Bhatkal is the next big stop after Shirali although we didnt do much there, just had a snack and some Hang Yo ice cream which means “Come here ” in Amchi. Can’t say much about the ice cream, since i’m a Naturals fan, i quite liked the chickoo, was horrified at the ghastly colour of the pista and the american fruit was ok.
he he, i love the crooked smile 🙂

That ends 7th April. Stay tuned for the next episode of ‘Chronicles of Manki’A murti at the entrance of the Mathone of the many huge vegetables at kembre Farm


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