Chronicles of Manki-A new idea

Day 3: 6th April 2010

There is a waterfall close to Manki. it being summer, there wasn’t too much water but it looked like a healthy waterfall anyway. we learnt it was better than going up to Jog Falls at this time of the year because Jog Falls would look like this small stream of water and considering the driving involved and the excellent roads (pun intended!!) we’d feel frustrated after all.
There were village boys already at the site when we arrived. These little boys effortlessly climbed rocks and jumped into the water. We reckoned this was one fo their only sources of entertainment. And since most were in their undies, it was like seeing so many Mowglis.
We did wade out into the water and go beneath the waterfall. I could guess how pretty it would look during the rains when the water fell in full rush. Sachi also enjoyed a swim. We did a fair bit of climbing too!!


After getting totally drenched, we made out way to the top of the hill.The road to AfsarKonda is long and winding and isn’t very good but you see cashew plants growing everywhere.

The Karnatak Tourist Dept has done a good job informing tourists about attractions within villages by putting up photos as well as the name of the spot. We’d noticed a board for Afsar konda while we drove to Manki. Also it seems like someone was getting a hotel built on the hill. So there was a lookout point etc.


I must say, the view from the top of the hill was stunning. you could see the rock, the fields below and the vast blue sea. Also you could see eagles flying everywhere so it was a birdcatcher’s paradise.
We made our way to this small cave where you could sit and observe the sea and just take a break from the heat. There was a fair bit of photo-session too.

We departed from there to come home to some delicious kadgi phodie (=bhajis made of raw jackfruit for non amchis)!! Gosh the food here is amazing

After a nice afternoon nap, we left in the evening to Idgunji to see the Ganpati temple. They sell hats and other accessories made out of the Khus plant here. After that we drove along to one place where you could see the river Sharawati. What a placid river!! We had a great time looking through the binocs.

What an Idea!!
I got this idea about having home stays in such small villages so that people from cities get a true taste of indian villages, you know, get to try their hand at farming and at picking fruits etc. I’m working on the idea, Any takers??

I’ll keep the notes short and sweet hereon.

Next Episode Meeting acquaintances and a Tour of the Shirali Math


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