A Good Way to Spend Some Time

I’m a true blue student of Finance.  I’ve read a lot of articles about TIME and i was wondering how I could give my take differently.

So I decided to look at TIME as a COMPANY (=Well i am pursuing my Chartered Accountancy Course!! I spend the whole day doing precisely this 😛 :P)

Unknowingly TIME is always on our mind. We wake up in the morning to a reminder about TIME and spend the whole day Juggling It. We have to run against time to make it to our workplaces, college, school and back home to prepare for the same routine the next day.

I suppose if TIME was a company, it would be the Biggest in the World. Also it would be a MONOPOLY. (=I mean who else deals in TIME…its not like you walk on the road and see Time Turners or DeLoreans Back to the Future Style)

I’ve written this considering TIME as a Company that YOU could invest in.

TIME, the biggest enterprise worldwide, is one that shows no signs of abating. Its growth is charted in boardrooms world over, discussed and cribbed about. It has its presence in every life existing on the planet. (=Right that includes the sparrow that came to your window today and those sea creatures you saw on Animal Planet)

Its billions and trillions of shares called “Moments” attract one and all to itself. All of us are reasonably well endowed with resources so we’re always investing at some point or the other in various Moments of Time.

The sheer volume of the shares or Moments being transacted in daily would confound even the biggest exchanges in the World.


Returns!! Thats what every investor looks for right??  Time rewards those who invest in it early. Delays don’t really yield much. Many moments give us extremely good returns in the form of Good Memories.

Sometimes TIME gets back at us Taxing us during some Bad Moments.

The bottomline is proper investing does give a good return.

TIME will never run out of customers. TIME has this universal application in every person’s life. What i mean is, if adequate Time is given, it solves problems.

Time trades in an extremely volatile market, reaping rich rewards for early birds.

BUT a word of caution!! Time is very cunning. Dealing with this company you will encounter extreme risk and volatility.

And there!! Would you look at the TIME ;). Time has made fools of us again!!


Author: NM

Journeys fascinate me!!! About me?? The Discovery of Me is another journey ;) :P

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